Honeymoon Day 10, March 2, 2010

2 Mar

Tuesday, March 2nd

                The next morning we got up a little bit later than we probably should have. But it felt good to sleep. We carried our luggage through the secret passage way (it went under the street) and bypassing the bellhops, we loaded up the car for the last time. Then we went and checked out, and we were on our way! We listened to things, such as Jim Sammons (Christian Finance advisor), and talked about various things, and just looked out the windows.

                As we neared the edge of Texas, Jordan asked me if I wanted to see the border of Mexico. I said sure! I had never been anywhere close to the border of another country, so it was a novel idea! The sun was setting, and it was getting dusky, so it was perfect timing. We drove right by the fence, but it was really a rough area, so we didn’t stick around long! We were so close that I probably could have reached out and touched the fence!

                Then we decided that our adventure taking was making us hungry, so we found a Chili’s restaurant and ate there. It was dark by the time we got back on the road, but we still wanted to push our way on. We got more and more tired, and Jordan started getting goofy. He was turning on music to try to help him stay awake (I gave up trying to sleep), and finally drank everything carbonated that we had (which wasn’t much.) Finally, we were just left with the Sparkling Grape Juice that we had gotten for our special dinner, and I was concerned with him having it because it looked like a wine bottle. He asked for it anyways, and between him drinking it straight from the bottle, and him driving kinda silly because he was being goofy because he was tired, I was convinced that we were going to get pulled over for drunk driving and Jordan would fail a breathalyzer test because he had been drinking a fruit drink! Fortunately, we didn’t, and now I can look back and laugh, but at the time I was doing all that I could to trust Jordan’s judgment and not panic!

                I ended up convincing Jordan to let me drive for a bit while he rested. It was a straight shot, so I figured as long as I stopped before the signs said “Goodbye Tucson”, then we wouldn’t miss our exit. Jordan climbed in the passenger side, got comfy with his pillow and promptly fell asleep! I turned on a little bit of quite music ( that rarely puts me to sleep), and drove. I started getting sleepy (as I had gotten no rest at all at that point), so I started singing the fast beat church songs that came to mind. I ended up singing all the verses of “My sins are gone” that I could think of, and then just ended up singing the chorus over and over. Finally after about 45 minutes, Tucson signs were coming into view, so I pulled over and woke Jordan up, and he took the wheel over again. As he had had the rest, he was quite alert, and I felt good about letting him drive.

                At that point, it was past midnight, and we were pulling off the interstate. We figured that we probably would end up staying the night at the guest house, but as we pulled up, Mom and Dad Peterson were walking to our place. They had set up our place so that we could sleep in our place that night. It was really special to us, and never had bed felt so good before! Thus so ended our trip from Florida to Arizona! Happy Honeymoon reading. 🙂

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