Picnics and Packing

18 Nov

Once again, inspiration struck, and dinner could not be anything out of the ordinary.

We were having hamburgers, so I decided to go all out. (I have 3 hungry men to feed, remember?) So, I made up a large plate of deviled eggs…


whipped up some hamburger buns…

cooked up a bowl of potato salad,

(Lydia watched),

and went to slicing, dicing, and all around frenzied rush to make everything that I could to resemble a southern style cookout/picnic.

Our kitchen counter makes a nice buffet. Here we have the Buns, the hamburgers, the additions (Lettuce, onions, pickles and cheese), the eggs, potato salad, and beans.

You know you’ve done well when the guys walk in and say admiringly “Look at all this FOOD!!!” 😀

Here Lydia is exhausted after helping me unpack while I packed for our trip to Florida.

I think she is contemplating her next move.

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