25 Oct

Finally the day arrived which was long anticipated…moving from Tucson to Hereford (Sierra Vista).

After many days of packing, Jordan went and rented the largest U-Haul they had (26 footer),

…and 8 hours later we had loaded everything we owned (almost) into the truck and were on our way down to our new place. I guess I needn’t say that it took MUCH less time to unload than it did to load? (try an hour and a half to unload compared to 8 hours of loading.) Fortunately, we were blessed to have our next door neighbors the Garcia’s come to help us unload. A huge thank you to Bro Ricardo, Sis Mary, Amos and Caroline Garcia for your help with welcoming us and helping us unload!

The cute part is that in the middle of trying to get some of the essentials unpacked…Lydia decided she wanted to help unpack the silverware…

…one piece at a time! 😀

The only bad part was she was just taking them out of the box and just putting them on the floor.

She thoroughly enjoyed climbing up on the boxes and rummaging through them to hear the bags rustle and to see if there was anything that she could pull out and chew on. 😀

We still have many boxes to go, but things are coming along much better! It always helps when your kitchen is mostly together…or the essentials at least.

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  1. Rebekah November 7, 2011 at 7:25 pm #

    Enjoy you new place! 🙂

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