Huachuca City, Fuel and Cloudbursts

10 Sep

Here we are overlooking Fort Huachuca and Sierra Vista. Sometimes hills are a lot higher up than they look! I wasn’t expecting this view!


 Later, we stopped for gas, and I was THOROUGHLY tickled to see that this gas station carried a variety of fuels, such as Ethenol,

your typical unleaded, diesel, and (my personal favorite) RACING fuel!

Advertised as that as well. Octane of 100. I got a picture so that you would believe me. I was looking at the pump and almost couldn’t believe my eyes, and had to get out to make sure it was really what it was saying. It was.

I went around to Jordan who was just finishing pumping up the car, and I informed him that we had gotten the wrong gas. After telling him that we had needed to get the racing fuel instead, he resumed breathing, and told me that I had scared him, making him think that perhaps he had maybe put diesel into the car instead. After I apologized, and felt really bad about scaring him, he said it was okay, and then was able to appreciate the amazingness of the racing fuel. :p

By the way…the price of that gas was $5.99/gallon! 

Then, on our way back, we passed by [more] cloudbursts. Those things are so neat!

Just think of how many thousands of gallons that are falling out of the sky!

Oh yes…this one is for Uncle Russell Wallace. 😀

2 Responses to “Huachuca City, Fuel and Cloudbursts”

  1. Elisabeth October 4, 2011 at 10:10 pm #

    Uncle Russell is good at driving long distances but I think it would be a little hard to take all 6 of us on the road.

    I think that’s pretty funny how you teased Jordan.

  2. Rebekah November 7, 2011 at 7:19 pm #

    I think I will buy stocks in sunflower seeds..If that is Russell’s tranport business.

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