The Centipede

17 Jul

We’ve been traveling back and forth from Tucson to Sierra Vista because of Jordan’s job, and we’ve enjoyed the variation in the week, as well as the generous usage of the Wallace’s 5th wheel. But I forgot what an adventure that the Wallace’s (and anything to do with the Wallaces) can be. We (Jordan, myself, Lydia, Austin and Zachery) arrived sunday night at the trailer, after a long farewell at the Peterson’s, and an already long Sunday with two services.

I happened to be in the bathroom after unloading when I heard Zachery and Austin talking in excited, albeit hushed, tones. I came out very suspicious, and for a good reason, as they were both bending over the garbage can, trying to act casual about what was going on. When I asked, they said “oh, you don’t want to know”, and tried to brush it off. REALLY suspicious at this point, I asked again, and finally they admitted to having found a centipede and were trying to kill it, and then further admitted to the fact that it was the second one that they had found since moving the trailer from the Wallaces!

I was personally thinking Millipede myself, but as they kept admiringly and awedly gasping “He’s still biting!” after Zachery had already stomped in the trash can several times, I had to just take a peek. I didn’t get a good look, but it was good enough! Millipede it wasn’t! Needless to say, Jordan was quite disturbed to discover that there had already been one Centipede found, and now here was another. I hardly even wanted to step anywhere, much less crawl into bed! I finally asked Jordan to please pray over the place, and he did. I felt better afterwards, but stepped around much more carefully after that, and I try to be careful in watching where I put Lydia. There have been no other sightings, thank the Lord.

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