Snow on the mountains

14 Dec

Down where we live, we do get snow in the winter. I was driving to town, and managed to capture SOME of the beauty of the clouds as they slowly started hovering in to cast forth their wares.

2012-12-14 11.10.18

This was driving past A.A. Allen’s old camp grounds.

2012-12-14 11.10.50

Driving from the Valley into the mountains.

2012-12-14 11.13.55

Snow, and clouds.

2012-12-14 11.15.27

More snow.

2012-12-14 11.15.53

I love the snow on the mountains.

2012-12-14 11.16.04

Maybe it seems silly to those who live in the areas that get large amounts of snow, but having previously lived in Florida (no snow) and living in Arizona (desert), I find snow (and rain) to be beautiful.

It’s okay. I’m enjoying it. 😛

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