Bread and a Taste Tester

14 Nov

Once again, diagnosis I find myself in the kitchen, try experimenting with baking. I do so love baking and bread making! This is a loaf of Honey and Whole Wheat bread, cialis from the Taste of Home Baking Book that was given to Jordan and I as a wedding present from the Fraijo family. I have THOROUGHLY enjoyed the book!!!

This loaf was shaped by rolling out the dough, and then rolling the dough into a log, and then allowed to rise and then was baked, hence why there is a circular pattern in the crumb (see THIS post on explanation of crumb), and a bit of hollow along the circular pattern observed in the center of the bread.

2012-11-14 08.45.49

It was still tasty.

Even Lydia thought so, as seen here, enjoying a fresh piece of homemade bread with butter. Mmmm!

2012-11-14 09.00.56

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