Homemade French Bread and Diaper Changing

7 Nov

I was hungry for some homemade bread (as well as that I wanted to serve it with dinner), so here is one of my latest Whole Wheat experiments.

2012-11-06 18.57.58

A picture of the crumb. (For a bread person, that means that you are getting a picture of a slice of the bread to see how well the gluten has formed on the inside.)

2012-11-06 19.13.17

Here is the recipe for anyone who is interested in trying the bread.

2012-11-07 10.42.14

Aaaannnd…I promise I am not the type of parent to show pictures of changing a diaper. Instead, however, I walked into our room and discovered that Lydia was trying to change her dolly’s diaper.

2012-11-07 16.41.37

I thought it was exceptionally cute that she was mimicking real life.

2012-11-07 16.42.00

Even though the pictures are a bit blurry, you can still see that she is getting the technique figured out, even holding both legs in one hand. She is so cute!

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