A Southern Breakfast

13 Nov

Well, part of a Southern breakfast anyways. I love grits. Hot, buttery grits, and for you health lovers out there, it is savory country cereal (basically, only made with corn instead of the other grains.)13

2012-11-13 08.59.53

I love to use my fancy dishes as the mood strikes, and featured here is a (discontinued) pattern called “Moonlight Roses” by Royal Daulton’s line of Royal Albert china Patterns. This lovely soup set was gifted to me by my lovely Mother, who loves china as much as I do, and she usually finds me a willing recipient to most of her discards, as usually I have spent years eyeing the various pieces that she eventually gives away.

I love you Mom!! 😀

Now…the only things missing that would make it a Southern Style Breakfast would be bacon (or sausage, or both), biscuits, gravy, eggs, and bowl of fruit. Yummy!!

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