The Butchering (it is what it says, with pictures to accompany)

16 Oct

Meema and Papa (Jordan’s Mom and Dad) got Lydia a swing, and Lydia loves to ride in it. Usually she has an aunt or uncle who is willing to forsake their work and give her a ride!

2012-10-16 08.33.19

Meanwhile, Jordan set me to work (okay…I volunteered LOL) washing off the meat, so I took the ribcage outside and started hosing it off.


Then I decided I needed my picture taken with it.


I also then decided I needed a picture taken with me reaching inside of the ribcage, so that I could gross my Mom out. (haha…sorry Mom.)


Squinting at the light mist coming off of the hose.


Inside where we were staying, we hung up the meat to dry, and we tried to keep the house as cool as possible. Back in the bedroom where we were staying, the house smelled normal, but as you left that part and headed into the living room, kitchen area and out the front door, it had the sweetish smell of raw meat.


We spent several days working on this elk, partly due to the availability of the wise Master Butchers. I was all for chunking it up, wrapping it up, freezing it, and let’s get this over and done with as fast as possible!

Lilliana, Mom P, and Dad P were very instrumental in helping us get the elk butchered. I think Chloe and Grace stepped in for a bit, but the majority was Lilliana, Mom P. and Dad P. Needless to say, I was right in there too, but I think I was just a third wheel.  Lilliana is operating the vacuum sealing machine.


Dad is cutting ribs with the electric saw (as per my request, as I wanted ribs.)


I was concerned that he might cut himself, but all went well, and I went home with quite a bit of meat, thanks to Jordan’s family!

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