Hunting Camp – Day 1

11 Oct

Jordan got drawn for an Elk tag, so when the time came, we packed our bags, packed our coolers, packed the gun, packed the ammo, packed more coolers, packed tarp, packed Lydia, packed bedding, packed a tent, packed an air mattress (with pump and batteries!!!), packed up our kitchen stuff, and packed up just about anything else that we might or might not have needed. Needless to say, we took the bigger of our two vehicles (Jordan’s Suburban) so that we could fit it all.

Here we are, on our way up. (Note: This is early in the trip, as we are happy and excited! LOL)

2012-10-11 11.58.39

Here we have arrived (about 4 hours later) at our camp site, where we commenced to setting up amid the greetings from the other people who were also hunting/camping.


As we pitched our tent, we awaited our neighbors (a couple from our church) as we kept an eye on the brewing weather (it was threatening to rain) and keeping close tabs on our warm wear.


Fortunately, we got set up pretty quickly, I made up the bed and got everything arranged, and our friends arrived just in time to help them get set up before needing to crawl in bed. By the time that they arrived, the weather was picking up, and it was raining, and getting cooler by the minute. None too soon, everything was up and ready, and it was time for bed, as Jordan had an early morning (3am?) to go spotting elk.

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