26 Jun

I was in the living room playing with Lydia when I looked out the window (for whatever reason, maybe to see if we were going to be getting rain any time that afternoon) and just about fainted when I saw THIS on my front door!

He climbed up the door and into the eaves.

I went to get a closer shot, and tried to be careful in case the big boy fell.

Which he did.

I jumped and screamed (naturally) and scared poor Lydia.

He laid there for several minutes, before disappearing. It did rain, and the afternoon passed. I couldn’t find him until I had opened the door and greeted Jordan when he came home from work. He had taken refuge on the back side of the sliding door. Jordan marveled at his size, and we left the thing alone.

Later, during dinner, Jordan said “Oh there he goes.” He had started walking away, heading south. We watched him for a few minutes, and then resumed our eating, only to search for him a few minutes later. He had kept traveling across the yard and was going further and further away. My only guess was that he had known it was going to rain and sought a dry refuge, and now was heading back to his home somewhere in the desert.

I am so very glad I didn’t find him IN my house!!!

2 Responses to “WHAT IS THAT????”

  1. Elisabeth November 1, 2012 at 7:52 pm #

    Can you believe I actually held one and let it crawl over my hand this past year? I NEVER touch spiders so it was really a surprise, even to myself.

    • Martha November 17, 2012 at 2:38 pm #

      Yuck. Crawl over your hand? I’ll hold a snake before I’ll hold one of those things! Oh wait…I did! A 6′ albino Burmese python. I’m good.

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