The first ice cream churn of the summer!

13 May

My sister Sarah sent me a newsletter back around Christmas time, telling of how she had been making ice cream that previous year, and that inspired me to make some of my own. It just sounded so yummy and refreshing. I checked out the various ice cream books at the library, and I had picked up the Ben & Jerry’s official recipe book for their ice creams. I wanted to share it with Jordan’s family, where we usually eat between services on Sundays. So, taking inventory of my ingredients, I decided on Ben & Jerry’s Banana Peanut Butter Ice Cream.

Boy was that good! I sweetened the peanut butter with honey, and I used a raw cane sugar for sweetener. I know, I just made all you food junkies groan, but one can have health and sweets intertwined.

So the ice cream was going to be my project, but Jordan decided he’d better lend his expertise to the event, so I was more than happy to hand him the ice and the rock salt. (Mental note: never give a man ice and rock salt, especially large quantities of rock salt, especially around an ice cream machine.)

Lydia was quite interested in the whole deal (plus she got to be outside), and this strange thing that made a lot of noise and moved around had its intrigue.

We used up all of the ice in my ice maker, which I had been stocking up on as I knew I had wanted to make ice cream sometime in a short period of time.

Lydia stole what ice she could (and what ice that wasn’t salty), and made off with it, usually throwing it down on the ground because it was cold, regardless of the fact that she had a cup she could have put it in.

Then came the inevitable picking up of the ice that was thrown down. *sigh* Oh well, as my dad has pointed out to me, ice cleans itself.

MMmmm…ice cream!

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