Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails!

28 Apr

There have been several baby boys born in the church down here in Sierra Vista. One of the more recent ones was Luke Isaacson, born to Jonathan and Melissa Isaacson (of Isaacson Fine Homes and Cochise Tech and Electric, whom the company that Jordan works for is contracted to work for. That was confusing, wasn’t it? )

Sis Connie Isaacson (grandma) and Sharon Strite (Auntie) put on a really cute baby shower with the theme of (can you guess?) Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails!

Here is how they incorporated the theme.

The Frogs.

(Sharon made these with apple Quarters, then added dots of cream cheese and chocolate chips for the eyes! Then she placed them on cut out paper plates, and cut out the pink “flower” from tissue paper.)

The Snails. (Tortilla Pinwheels)

(Sharon made these as well. They were really tasty!)

And The Puppy Dogs!

(Sharon and Sis Connie made the cake, and Sharon decorated it, and then put a paw print on each of the cupcakes!

Admire the table!

(Btw…that dog bowl was filled with sugar coated peanuts, and EVERYONE did a double take, as it looked so much like real dog food.)

A close up of the other Puppy Dogs.

(A few of the girls helped Sharon make these from rolled up washcloths, ribbon, rubber bands, fuzzy balls and some felt. They turned out sooooo cute, and they were given to Melissa to add to Luke’s nursery.)

They played some fun games, like guessing how many safety pins were in the jar (over 400), Name which Candy goes to which baby activity (ie. 4 mo accomplishment was “rolos” (Roll over), and nursing was “Milky Way”, etc.), as well as timed sock matching. We all had fun.

Right towards the end, Lydia (Who had been enjoying herself eating crackers and playing with all of the younger kids) decided to put on someone’s cowboy boots…

…backwards! 😀

Comin’ or goin’?

Congratulations, Melissa and Jonathan!

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