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Lydia reading the “Paper”

7 Jan

I caught Lydia “reading” the “Paper” (the Babies R Us ads). LOL! She loves to look at the pictures and all of the colors.

2013-01-07 13.13.34

It reminded me of a big person reading the paper.

2013-01-07 13.13.56

I decided to capture it on video. Enjoy!


More 52 Projects/52 Weeks items.

5 Jan

Here is item #27, capsule a faux linen blouse. (I believe the material is a synthetic material.)

2013-01-04 14.46.48

I was able to find buttons that matched perfectly! It was so neat.

Here is project #28, a little fancy dress for Lydia.

2013-01-05 16.06.56

It is a satin top, with a layered skirt. There is a sheer layer on top of the skirt. I had hoped to have it done in time for the wedding that we went to back in Florida at the beginning of December, but at this point, I am glad to have the dress done. 🙂

Baked Pasta and Whole Wheat Rolls

3 Jan

That’s what is for dinner! Our toaster oven fits a pie plate perfectly, so this is a favorite dish, and is easy to prepare.

2013-01-03 19.05.03

You take your favorite pasta and boil it. You then add your favorite sauce and meat (if you so desire). You then top the dish (which holds about 1/2 pound of pasta comfortably if it is a 9″ pie plate) with mozzarella cheese and parmesan cheese. You bake it in a 350°F oven until the top is bubbly and golden in spots.

It is a very easy dish, and I can make 2 pie plates at once, and freeze the second one for a simple meal to pull out and bake at short notice. If you bake it frozen, be sure to place foil over the top of the dish for about 15 minutes so that the cheese doesn’t over cook while the rest of the dish is still heating up.

You just add salad or whatever sides you would like, and it is a simple, easy meal.

I happened to add whole wheat rolls to this meal. I do love homemade bread.

2013-01-03 19.00.47

You can always par bake the bread, and freeze it for an easy addition to any meal.

Just make sure to add butter (LOTS of butter) to your rolls. 😀 A roll without butter is like…a fish without water.

Or the sky without the sun.

Or soda without ice.


…well, I guess you get the point.

Add butter.

Just do it.


Diamond Frost

1 Jan

What a beautiful way to start the New Year. You can’t see it really well, but the frost on the ground sparkled like a million diamonds.

2013-01-01 08.28.16

This may be a bit of a better shot, but it still does not capture the beauty of the morning.

2013-01-01 08.28.57

I love frosty mornings (as long as I am inside and safe and warm! lol 😀 )