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31 Dec

It’s not much, but it’s on the ground, and I can see it!

2012-12-31 07.27.31

Stoke the fire, and heat the kettle! It’s a cold one!

Lydia’s hat

28 Dec

Lydia got a hold of my red beret, remedy and was enjoying wearing it. However, thumb when I went to take a picture of it, rx she kept taking it off.

2012-12-28 20.33.57

Finally, I convinced her to leave it on, long enough to take a picture.

2012-12-28 20.34.28

I love my sweet baby!

Sweet Sleeper and Early Dooms Day

20 Dec

I found Lydia in the sweetest sleeping pose. I love her little angelic look. I had to capture it!

2012-12-20 07.43.52

Then, and while eating dinner, discount the lights suddenly went out!

While scrambling to get some light to see, sovaldi sale we were also trying to figure out what was going on. Finally, we struck on it! New Zealand had hit Doomsday, and we ALL were suffering worldwide! We were suffering even though it was a day early for us.

2012-12-20 20.03.04

Needless to say, it amused us anyways, which helped us get through dinner, clean up, and to bed without stressing anyone else.

(P.S. The power resumed as normal the next day. False alarm. 😛 )


17 Dec

Would you look at what my hose spit up today?

2012-12-17 09.24.50

Me thinks it was just a WEE bit chilly last night! BRRR!!!

Snow on the mountains

14 Dec

Down where we live, we do get snow in the winter. I was driving to town, and managed to capture SOME of the beauty of the clouds as they slowly started hovering in to cast forth their wares.

2012-12-14 11.10.18

This was driving past A.A. Allen’s old camp grounds.

2012-12-14 11.10.50

Driving from the Valley into the mountains.

2012-12-14 11.13.55

Snow, and clouds.

2012-12-14 11.15.27

More snow.

2012-12-14 11.15.53

I love the snow on the mountains.

2012-12-14 11.16.04

Maybe it seems silly to those who live in the areas that get large amounts of snow, but having previously lived in Florida (no snow) and living in Arizona (desert), I find snow (and rain) to be beautiful.

It’s okay. I’m enjoying it. 😛

Shopping with the Elf

7 Dec

Lydia and I were helping Candace shop for car decorations for the Christmas Parade in Ocala. We found some fun little hats, and Lydia wanted to push the cart.

2012-12-07 21.11.30

I couldn’t resist a picture of Candace getting a picture. :p

2012-12-07 21.11.58


Fa La La LA La La La La la!!

Zaxby’s and VW Bug

6 Dec

Here is to all of my friends who love Zaxby’s, and yet can’t go there because their lovely state doesn’t have the franchise located there (YET!) My favorite meal: The Big Zak Snack! *drools*

2012-12-06 14.44.32

Lydia was loving helping Auntie Candace “Drive” her bug. We were in Sonny’s parking lot, and Lydia was having a wonderful time playing with the controls.

2012-12-06 19.55.49

Me thinks we will have no problem teaching this one to drive!

Lydia found a friend

2 Dec

We are in Florida for my sister Ruth’s wedding, and are staying at my brother’s house. He and his wife have two little dogs and a cat. Here Lydia is sitting with Keiki, who is her new found little friend.

2012-12-02 10.11.47

They are having so much fun together. It is really cute to watch them!