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Only Believe

28 Sep

Lydia has picked up on how to sing “Only Believe”. We never taught her, site but as she showed the tendency to sing it, we recorded it on the electric piano so that it could play over and over for her to sing to. How precious!


The Fair

27 Sep

Bright and early saw me headed to the Isaacson Ranch to pick up Sis Connie Isaacson to head to the fairgrounds to enter my goods for judging. Needless to say who I thought of when I arrived:

2012-09-27 07.50.55

(If you can’t guess…it was Reuben.)

A look at some of the produce that was there. I’m sorry about the blurryness.

2012-09-27 08.38.52

Some livestock. (Okay…so one goat doesn’t count as “Some”, but still…)

2012-09-27 09.44.37

How my blue quilt did. Second place!

2012-09-27 12.46.23

My Green blouse! A Blue ribbon! (I loved that blouse before it won, but even more after. LOL)

2012-09-27 12.46.40

Lydia and Me on a genuine Border Patrol 4-wheeler.

2012-09-27 14.04.20

I was very tired at the end of the day, and quite glad to head home. I think I will be much better prepared for next year though…

Quilts and a helper

25 Sep

I decided to make a few little quilts, order and enter them into the fair. I love a dresden plate quilt, and my Grandma gave me a few cute little templates that were by far easier than the ones I had. I thought these pieces looked like butterflies.

2012-09-04 15.51.07

Here they are, the “Plates”.

2012-09-04 15.59.45

Sewn (by hand) on to a muslin square.


A few of my colors for the pink quilt.


Lydia has been a big help. She loves to examine my sewing machine.


Fixing something.


Hrm…maybe another tool that would work better.


The blue quilt top waiting to be lined up with the back muslin.


The muslin, stretched and waiting.


A closer look.


The whole quilt.


Setting out the pink quilt.


A closer look.


I love little quilts!.

Updates on the “Farm” and Garden

24 Sep

Look at our new addition: Chicks! Someday we are gonna have our own eggs!

2012-09-24 17.12.00

And fruit from the garden.


Lydia examining the cantaloupe.


Lydia tasting the cantaloupe.


Lydia confirming the goodness of the cantaloupe.


By far, capsule it was the best cantaloupe that we have ever had!

Like Father, Like Daughter

23 Sep

Should I wonder at this?

2012-09-23 16.00.55

Lydia was so cute.

2012-09-23 16.01.25

She looks so serious.

2012-09-23 16.02.41

Too cute!

2012-09-23 16.03.53

Cassia Fraijo Bridal Shower

22 Sep

Lydia, Hadassah Peterson and I went to Phoenix for Cassia’s bridal shower. (She is my Sister in law’s sister.) It was very beautiful, and so I handed the camera to Hadassah to capture. (She’s much better at taking pictures than I am. 😀 )

The setting was outdoors. What beautiful furniture to have out on the lawn! I was impressed.


The Drinks Station. Well done.


The cake. Don’t be fooled. That cake was massive! And Delicious!


The Food Buffet. The flowers on the stems were all handmade.


A Mommy and Lydia shot. We don’t get to do that often!


Playing a younger ladies vs. older ladies Pictionary game. I forget who won.


Candace making friends with Lydia.


Lydia Playing with Candace’s camera. (No wonder she liked Candace so much!)


The Beautiful Bride-to-Be! Cassia Fraijo (Clayville)


Lydia Capturing the event.


It was a beautiful shower, which concluded with a live shower, as the sprinklers in the yard came on, and it was a mad scramble to remove all of the furniture out of the reach of the sprinklers. Shortly after, Hadassah and I headed home, tired, but thoroughly glad that we went.

Shucking Corn

20 Sep

I bought some corn at the store, and Jordan decided to teach Lydia how to shuck it.


She got the hang of it pretty quick.


Notice the determined look on her face.


“Here…take this.”


“This is a lot harder than I thought”.


I decided to capture a little video of her shucking the corn.


Definitely a Daddy’s girl!


16 Sep

We decided to go out on Sunday for lunch. I don’t know WHO picked the ”U like Oriental Buffet” for the lunch stop, but I don’t think we will ever go again. One bright spot was the amazing chandelier in the foyer. I had to go back in and get a picture. I’m adding this to my home decor list!

2012-09-16 14.47.34

Wild Ride

15 Sep

Jordan and I went to Chili’s for dinner (an impromptu date), and when coming out of the restaurant, we saw the most bizarre motorcycle that we have seen yet.

2012-09-15 17.59.33

Take a good look at them horns.

2012-09-15 17.59.48

Makes you wonder if those are real, and where they got them from.

2012-09-15 17.59.52


12 Sep

I always like to see the wildlife around our place, prostate especially little families, click like the quail.

2012-09-12 07.59.47