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A tea party with Lydia

31 Jul

I decided that, look as I love tea parties, ask and I have a plastic set (from years and years ago), sovaldi sale that I should have a tea party with Lydia.

Yes, I did put the towel down for a reason. Tea parties with toddlers can be messy!

Trying to figure out how the whole thing works.

A very wet Lydia, having fun playing with the water, and pouring “tea” for me and her.

All in all, it was fun, but I think that next time…we may have tea in the bathtub!

Garden pt 6, breakfast, puppies and frogs!

28 Jul

I love Saturday morning inspirations! Jordan and Austin are putting up my gate!

Trying to figure out how to make it work.

Lydia took her chair out there to watch them, but then she ended up back in the house. They ended up moving the gate from the North end of the garden to the South end of the garden, as that is where the path had been to the garden.

Putting up the fence, and making sure it was placed in the trench dug for it, to keep the wild animals from digging under and getting into the garden.

When the guys work so hard like that, I like to give them a good breakfast/brunch. I made omelet type eggs, on a Lavash bread from Trader Joes. Almost like a breakfast burrito. I had veggies to go in it, and I whipped up cream to go with the fruit that I had cut up, and lots and lots of bacon (Jordan’s favorite!)

Here is Lydia getting a kick out of playing with the little puppy that Grandpa Phillips bought for her back in May while we were in Florida. She loves that thing!

The last shot of the day…it had rained, and we found two toads sitting on our porch, staring into the house as though they were silently willing us to let them into the house.

Sorry boys, Nothin’ doing!

Lydia, Talking with Daddy on the phone, and other misc

27 Jul

Lydia is learning to drink from a glass. Sometimes it is a little scary!

She is being goofy in this picture.

A beautiful smile.

And another beautiful smile.

Her talking as she is coming down the stairs.


Lydia’s new ball.

Very delicious cheese that Jordan’s family picked up for me back in Pennsylvania from a Mennonite family farm.

Lydia talking on the phone with Daddy, parts 1, 2 & 3.


A beautiful rainbow towards the east!

Trying to get the color right for the sunset.

Ahh…a better picture.

And since I was playing around with exposure, I thought I’d get the light from the toaster oven as I’m heating up food. 😀

You gotta have fun in life sometimes!

Sky shot

23 Jul

I just thought this was a really pretty shot of the sky through the clouds, treatment happening at sunset.

Jordan to the rescue!

20 Jul

We were on our way to the Homeschool convention in Phoenix, cialis and as we were passing through an intersection, medicine we heard the sound that everyone dreads, tadalafil the sound of squealing tires and metal crunching. Someone behind us had gotten into an accident. Jordan quickly pulled into a turning lane and jumped out to make sure everyone was okay. By the time that I thought to get the camera out, the rescue people had already arrived.

Here is the fire truck, with Jordan and the other people there. (There were a few that had also stopped to make sure that everyone was okay.) I think both the lady sitting on the ground and the lady in white squatting behind her were involved in the accident.

Sheriff stopping to check on things, as well as other vehicles stopped for the accident.

Here comes the Metro train. The turning lane we were parked in was right next to the tracks.

Wrapping things up, getting details from the people about the accident.

Here comes Jordan, checking for traffic before crossing.

The medics checking out the people. One of the people was really in shock.

Here comes the traffic on the very busy street where this happened.

Fortunately, we were all safe! No one was injured in the accident. We made it to the homeschool convention a little late, but safe and sound!

A delicious Cobb salad, and Lydia’s muffin experience

13 Jul

I do like a nice Cobb salad. I think they are a very balanced, medical nutritious salad, and SOOOOOOOOO good with ranch dressing!

And Lydia here gets to experience my favorite muffin. By the way, she picked out her outfit here.


Lydia’s Banana smile

10 Jul

I gave her a whole banana as she seemed old enough to handle it.

Such a silly face!

I went to get a picture, decease and she gave me the most adorable smile!

I love my little girl!

Not a good sign…

6 Jul

I was very shocked to look outside and see this thing sitting outside my kitchen window.

I don’t think I was cooking at the time…so he couldn’t have been waiting for the leftovers! There were actually two, and the other one had flown off before I could get the two of them sitting together.