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Hat and falling asleep “talking” on the phone

29 Feb

While putting away some of my winter clothes, Lydia grabbed my hat and took off with it. So naturally when in arms reach, I put it on her. It didn’t stay on long, but long enough for a picture. Too cute!

She must have been really satisfied and tired, as she laid down on the floor in front of the couch and fell asleep.

As the picture indicates, she had been on the phone when she fell asleep. 😛 Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree… 😀

Lydia with Mommy’s phone

24 Feb

Lydia loves to play with phones. Watch out. Don’t ever give her your phone if you happen to want it back with a smile. It doesn’t really happen.

She’s listening intently.

Here’s a little video of her “talking” to my phone, with is replying with “Please say a command! BEEP.” 😀



Lydia and the 2 bears

23 Feb

Lydia was being extra affectionate. 😀 I had dug out my little Pooh Bear, check and she was hugging it.


Then she got a hold of my big bear, healing Chocolate.

She was picking it up and carrying it around!

I just thought she was so cute. She is very affectionate, and a very happy little girl. We love our Lydia!

Lydia’s First pair of Tennis Shoes & Mommy’s Anniversary Gift (a Vacuum)

21 Feb

With the outdoors available, and Lydia able to walk (and getting better at it), I finally got Lydia her first pair of tennis shoes. 😀 I thought that they were adorable!

She’s having to get used to the feel.

I had her wearing them inside first.

A closer look.

And here is Lydia with Mommy’s 2nd Anniversary present (from Daddy!)

Jordan got me a nice Vacuum! I have never been so happy to vacuum anything in my life! (I really hadn’t had a vacuum up to that point. We were borrowing one while living in Tucson, and since moving to Sierra Vista, I had no real vacuum, so I wanted to vacuum the floors very much!) I love my Vacuum! Thank you Jordan!

Lydia loves a shower, and wears the cape Grandma T made for her

17 Feb

Lydia loves the shower. She loves to feel the water. I guess I should just say that Lydia loves water! 😀 Needless to say, I have no issues getting her to take a bath! :p


Lydia got a special birthday present from Grandma T. Here she is taking it off.

Now trying to put it back on.

Now it’s on and she’s off and crawling. 😀

Thank you, Grandma, for my beautiful cape!

Lydia wears Mommy’s favorite apron & Playing the piano

3 Feb

Lydia saw me wearing this apron, there so she had to put it on herself. 😀

Or at least she tried to.

Daddy helped her out!

Daddy and Lydia touring the kitchen.

Lydia “Playing” the piano. 🙂


Cute pictures of Lydia

1 Feb

Here are some cute little photos I’ve taken of Lydia.
A little blurry…but a cute expression.

Taking a deep bow. What I lovingly refer to as her “Stinkbug” pose. 😀

A peach.

Beside the pantry.

Swinging her legs.

Enjoy! 🙂