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Lydia’s basket and Veggie tray

23 Sep

Auntie Lilliana was helping me by babysitting Lydia while Hadassah and I did some packing, and so in keeping Lydia entertained, she ended up putting Lydia in her little toy basket.

 Lydia didn’t seem to mind. Then later she was crawling around, and (in sitting up by herself) was examining one of my shoes (as well as tasting the shoe laces).

Notice her foot tucked under her other one.


And finally, I have discovered an alternative to salad.

Jordan loved the veggie tray, and I was enjoying it myself. A little Hidden Valley Ranch (declared by Jordan to be the best Ranch dressing out there), and we had ourselves a nice little feast to go along with our dinner.

Bouncey Seats and Breakfast

17 Sep

Lydia likes her bouncy seat toys. I’ve discovered that she also likes to try to climb into the seat to get to the toys.


The irony is, when I put her in the seat and buckle her in, she doesn’t want to be there long. She’s getting good at climbing up on things.

Jordan was really sweet and made me a lovely breakfast.  


A loaded omelette…

…fruit salad and fried potatoes.

He was a bit sheepish that I was going to take pictures and brag about him, but I had to. 😀

Legacy Golf Resort

15 Sep

We went up to Phoenix for some training for Jordan’s work, and we ended up at the Legacy Golf Resort as the result of Jordan’s Priceline bid (which was just a few dollars more than what Jordan’s boss would pay to stay at a Red Roof Inn whenever he went to Phoenix!) Very lovely!

It had a kitchenette where we made our breakfasts and dinners…

…and a nice living room area with a patio.

The bathroom was quite nice…

…and the room had an entry way…

…as well as a closet washer/dryer stack.

I loved how they did the towels…

…and tissues…

…and I was amused at the telephone near the toilet…

…except later I realized that perhaps it was for the [older] people that stayed there in case they slipped on the tile floor coming out of the shower, so that they could call for help.

Lydia really liked the mirrors.

Heh…poor housekeepers having to get the low down fingerprints. 😀

Being that we were going to be there for a few days, I decided to bring something to help pass the time. I had a dress to sew, so I brought my sewing machine and got it all ready, and decided that something wasn’t quite right.

A closer look revealed that I had forgotten my power cord!

Needless to say, I did some “hand” sewing, as I was determined not to waste the time I had! We enjoyed our stay there…except for the thin walls. For the most part it was okay, but we were wondering how much THEY were hearing on our end with Lydia.

Heh…so this may be the reason why I don’t have a dishwasher.

I was trying to get the dishes done for the housekeeping staff, so that when we checked out there wasn’t a sink full of dishes for them to wash. Well…I had the tablet for the closing detergent section, and nothing for the open detergent section, so…*sheepish* I put dish soap in the dishwasher. I came back and found bubbles seeping out from the dishwasher. I cleaned it up a couple of times with our bath towels, and then left a bath towel under the dishwasher as I had to leave to check out.

Next time I will NOT put dish soap in the dishwasher. :-p

Huachuca City, Fuel and Cloudbursts

10 Sep

Here we are overlooking Fort Huachuca and Sierra Vista. Sometimes hills are a lot higher up than they look! I wasn’t expecting this view!


 Later, we stopped for gas, and I was THOROUGHLY tickled to see that this gas station carried a variety of fuels, such as Ethenol,

your typical unleaded, diesel, and (my personal favorite) RACING fuel!

Advertised as that as well. Octane of 100. I got a picture so that you would believe me. I was looking at the pump and almost couldn’t believe my eyes, and had to get out to make sure it was really what it was saying. It was.

I went around to Jordan who was just finishing pumping up the car, and I informed him that we had gotten the wrong gas. After telling him that we had needed to get the racing fuel instead, he resumed breathing, and told me that I had scared him, making him think that perhaps he had maybe put diesel into the car instead. After I apologized, and felt really bad about scaring him, he said it was okay, and then was able to appreciate the amazingness of the racing fuel. :p

By the way…the price of that gas was $5.99/gallon! 

Then, on our way back, we passed by [more] cloudbursts. Those things are so neat!

Just think of how many thousands of gallons that are falling out of the sky!

Oh yes…this one is for Uncle Russell Wallace. 😀

Salads and Sleepers

6 Sep

A friend of mine, cialis Naomi King (recently from Quebec Canada, buy cialis married to Matthew King) came over for some shopping, stuff and she brought a salad (because we had lunch before shopping), and I had to take a picture of it because she decorated it so nicely!


Also, Lydia has figured out how to get things off of her arms, and now here she is trying to get her sleeper off of her arm.

 She is so cute! 😀

Lydia crawling

3 Sep

Lydia is so cute. She has been traveling around the house and you can hear her coming.

We have a little corner with her toys where we will set her and she will play for a while, then come scooting around the couch to see what is going on. I could hear her coming, and had the camera ready for when she would pop her head around. I wasn’t disappointed! 😀

I love my little Lydia!