Archive | August, 2011

Lydia and Uncle Austin

29 Aug

Uncle Austin was ready to go to work, cure and was saying bye to Lydia and he put his hat on her, cialis and I thought she was really cute. 😀

Lightning shots and sleepy Lydia

25 Aug

Jordan started a night job on the fort, and so here I was at the trailer by myself with Lydia, and we are having another lightning storm. It was very impressive, and I was able to get a few shots.

Poor little Lydia was so tired, but the boys weren’t going to get home until about 3am, and I had been having a hard time keeping Lydia quiet in the morning, so I decided to keep Lydia up as late as I could.

She was so tired, and kept laying her head down, and then sitting up, and then laying back down. I finally just let her go to sleep, but she did get up later in the morning.

Then, the next morning, she was awake and laying against Jordan as he was sleeping. I thought it was really cute. 😀


Baby Quilt

22 Aug

Here is a baby quilt that I just finished. It was for my dear friend Ruth Spencer’s first nephew. I figured the sailboats would be appropriate, as they live the island of Trinidad.

Dust Devils

20 Aug

On our way to Zachery Wallace’s graduation from high school we were travelling through Phoenix and saw quite a few dust devils. I happened to get a picture of one that was really close to the highway.

 On our way back, in one field Jordan pointed out 5 dust devils to me. Those things are impressive!

Zachery and the cream

11 Aug

Just thought I’d share these delightful photos with you…Jordan’s cousin Zachery Wallace was finishing off the sour cream (I think it was)…

…and decided to pretend he was going rabid. (wasn’t too hard to imagine really).

Then he decided to “shave” it off.

Needless to say, he keeps things interesting around here. :p

Graham Crackers

3 Aug

Lydia’s first graham cracker. What a face! 😀 

All that graham cracker around her mouth! 😀

Aaannd…her second graham cracker.

“You are right…this IS good!”

My personal favorite…”I’ve got my eye on you…”

Peaches, spaghetti and the Rag Head

2 Aug

Look at the size of the peaches and nectarines that we got from Costco. They are the biggest that I’ve ever seen!

I found a quick and easy way to cook up a quart of frozen spaghetti sauce…slice & heat!

We were trying to keep Lydia cool, so I was using a wet washcloth…introducing Lydia the Rag Headed