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Poor Firefly

29 Jun

Lydia had to perform Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on her pet firefly. 😀


Sippy Cup

24 Jun

So I thought this was cute.

She’s figured out how to hold her sippy cup and she loves to chew on the nipple.


Lydia grabs & double yolked eggs

15 Jun

It is so neat to see all of the developments that Lydia has made over the past few months, but we’ve been seeing her start to really get a “grasp” on things. 😀

She has been reaching for things, like her toys on her bouncy seat, for our faces, chins, noses, and for plates and such on the table. I think she is starting to get interested in what we are eating.

On the other hand…


I cracked my first double yolked egg the other day…

 then a few days later, it happened again…

and then the next morning yet again! We had 3 double-yolk eggs from the same carton. Heh…and they didn’t even charge extra for it! 😀

I couldn’t pass up posting a photo of Lydia. 😀


Lydia – Photos

13 Jun

Just playing around with Lydia, treatment and figured that I would take a few pictures of her with her name blocks that Priscilla Coffey made for her. She loves those blocks, and now that she has figured out how to grab them, she tries to stick them in her mouth. 😀 Enjoy!


Oh yes…

…And her new tooth! 😀

Grandma and Grandpa Peterson’s 60th Anniversary

10 Jun

Congratulations to Grandma and Grandpa Peterson who just celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary.
 It was all very nice as they had family from Washington state come in and help with setting up and just to visit with everyone.
They did a nice job on setting up the tables and arranging the decorations.
Glen (in the forefront) and Julie (not in this picture) were very instrumental in helping get everything ready.
Aunt Elisabeth, Mom Peterson, Julie and Aunt Shirley setting up the buffet line.
The meal was catered by the Petersons (with the help of the Wallaces, Aunt Jana Strokhorb, Grandpa Peterson’s brother and his family that came, Sis Tina Steinke and a few others), so of course it was fabulous. Aunt Jana located a divine pasta recipe online “Extra Crusty Baked Rigatoni with Beef Ragù”. I am going to put the recipe into my own personal collection. No one could quite manage to keep their fingers out of the pasta when they were mixing it all together in a big bowl before layering it into the chafing pans.
The appetizers consisted of Kalamata Olives, goat cheese, crackers, sun dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, and I’m sure a few other things, only I can’t recall it all.
The main meal consisted of a delicious Salad, grilled zucchini, the italian sausage pasta, Caprese salad (layering tomato & Mozzarella cheese with basil & olive oil), white or rustic style sourdough bread from Beyond Bread with Garlic butter, and Prime Rib served by none other than the eldest Peterson son Arne Peterson.

There were some very distinguished guests who came, such as Sister Mary Norman, Brother and Sister Green, Brother Steven and Sister Rebekah Smith. We were very delighted with all who came and who celebrate with us…the Steinkes, the Yarboroughs, and many other families.

It was a very enjoyable evening, including some songs (MC was Uncle Russell Wallace), slide shows, stories by people, Coffee, and gourmet cheesecake with a raspberry sauce and fresh raspberries, and tiramisu dusted with chocolate shavings. The desserts were absolutely beautiful, and very delicious!

(This is Lydia after having to hear Mommy Sing!) 😀

After the festivities had ended, Serenity (who was playing babysitter and keeping Lydia quite entertained) had found a tiny rocking chair that had been Grandpa Peterson’s when he was quite small, and while everyone was busy re-arranging the replaced furniture, cleaning up the kitchen, and removing the projector screen, she was keeping Lydia busy by sitting her in the rocker and rocking her back and forth. It was so cute, and so Aunt Elisabeth and I both snapped pictures of it.



When they brought the piano back in, Serenity sat down at the piano with Lydia and was letting Lydia bang away while she played.



It was quite cute, and as up until that time, Lydia hadn’t really shown too much interest in the piano. She probably wasn’t ready for all of the noise that it made. Now she quite enjoys noise. I just hope Lydia enjoys music as much as Jordan and I do.

Before we all went home, we got a picture with the Peterson family.

After getting home late, it was good to sleep in the next morning (I think we got home somewhere around midnight or so.) We enjoyed ourselves, and all of the leftovers (though I’ve yet to know who truly ended up with the rest of that cheesecake! Wow…good thing I snagged the recipe! :D) Happy 60th Anniversary Grandma and Grandpa Peterson!



2 Jun

So one of my more recent ventures has been making hispanic food, namely Churros.

I’ve done Chimichangas, chili Rellanos, and I’ve attempted Mexican rice, and now I felt it was time to finish up the experience by making  hispanic dessert.
As I had to use a lot of oil to be able to fry the chimichangas and rellanos, I decided to make whatever else needed to be fried so that I wouldn’t waste the oil. Even though making the churros wasn’t hard, it was truly a new experience. I think that the next time that I make them, I need to add more flour, as the dough turned out more like a batter than a paste.

Meanwhile, while I was finishing up making the churros, Jordan was in the bedroom with Lydia, holding her up on the bed helping her to learn balance. They were having a great time, but as I had a pan of hot oil with frying churros, I didn’t want to leave it for too long, as that is how the fire in the place in front of us got started…someone was on the phone while frying stuff for dinner. They walked away into the other room after removing the food from the oil but forgetting to turn the stove off. It is just a miracle that he is still alive. Another minute or two and he might not have been able to get out of the door.

Anyhow…we thoroughly enjoyed the churros with cinnamon and honey (though later Jordan added sugar. :p)

Until next time!