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4 Months…

28 May

Happy 4 months Lydia!

Cheese and Crackers

20 May

So, Jordan, Julie Huigens and I had a cheese, cracker and fruit dinner. It was quite good, and she was inspiring when it came time to really make things nice. We cleared the table, and set out the white table cloth, the deep red napkins, and I pulled out some crystal glasses that I bought to go with our wedding china. The sun was setting, so it was glittering in the cut crystal.

Clear, cut crystal is one of my favorite things, especially with sun sparking through.

Julie and I had gone shopping at Trader Joe’s earlier in the day, and we picked up 5 different cheeses to try. (One really nice thing about Trader Joe’s is they have a really nice cheese section, and generally it is cut into smaller pieces, so you can get a small amount of a cheese to try, not having to worry about a huge piece to finish off.)

We picked up a Wisconsin white hard cheddar (aged 24 mo),

a Blueberry and Vanilla Chevre (goat cheese, reminded me of a cream cheese),

a savory Mozzarella (braided of course :D),

Monterey Pepperjack cheese (it was the favorite of the evening), and Julie’s all time favorite: Brie. We toasted the brie, and while Julie was worried that it might stink to us, Jordan was perking up because it was smelling like butter. Silly. :p You could add butter to a piece of paper, and he’d probably enjoy it. 😛

We got the Trader Joe’s cracker variety, but as Julie has the box, I really couldn’t tell you what all the crackers were, except MY favorite (with the cheddar cheese) was the jalapeno crackers.

We went to Food City (our beloved Mexican grocery…if anyone out East comes to visit, you can almost be assured a trip to Food City, where half of the advertisements are in Spanish, except after 8pm and on weekends where they are 90% in Spanish.) We picked up some grapes, oranges, cucumbers, watermelon, green beans, pears, strawberries, and probably a few other things, but I can’t remember as Julie bought most of it, and she was taking most of it home. 😀 We were really giving the guy at the checkout a test on his memory, as he had to look a few of the produce items up. Julie teased me that I pushed the line when I joked about the guy now having to work on his math with me. (I bought $.12 worth of oranges…which was 3 oranges.)

So, when we were putting it all together, I suddenly got inspired with the orange, and cut it in half zig-zagged, and then got further inspired by the pears because the way that I had cut them they looked like wings, so I ended up making a fruit bird with the orange and pear, and it actually turned out pretty decent! I was suprised. I was able to get a few pictures of the table (and fruit) before it was all devoured. The only thing I didn’t get a picture of was the brie, as it was in the toaster oven melting when I was taking pictures. 🙂

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, talking about the positive things in life, as we feasted on crackers, cheese and fruit (inspired by a recent meal that Julie had while she was in Michigan on a business trip.) Thank you Julie! We enjoyed ourselves! 🙂 Next time…I think we’re going to try fondue! (once again, Julie inspired. :p)



These are a few of my favorite things…

15 May

A few of my favorite Pictures from May…

A watermelon Rose that I had cut out…

Lydia kicking her socks off on the way to church…


Looking like she’s kissing her firefly toy. She really likes that bug. 😀

Mommy and Lydia all snuggled up together on a bright Saturday morning.

“I simply remember my favorite things…and then I feel so glad!” (edited and revised 😀 )


Mother’s Day

7 May

Here are some pictures that Sis Jennifer Alderson took of Jordan, Lydia and I on Mother’s Day.











Happy Mother’s Day to both my moms. 🙂


Mexican Dinner

5 May

So I am WAY behind in my blogging. In fact, I got so behind that when I went to write this blog, I had to break it into two blogs because it would have been too much for pictures. The blog from the 20th is part of the original blog for today. Part of the reason is because Jordan has been taking the computer with him to work, so I do not have the computer available to me (usually when I want to sit down and blog. :p) I am regretting not having gotten that Netbook that I was looking at before Jordan and I got engaged. It would have come in super handy at this point in time!

So what have I been up to?

(Just got briefly distracted, as I have just noticed that my washing machine has been unplugged by Dearest for a special project. Mental note: Remind him to plug it back in.)

Ah yes…

Chili’s Rellenos. That has been one of my more recent projects as well as Chimichangas. I think the Chimi’s turned out better than the Rellenos.

Deep fry! 😀

When I made the Rellanos, I also fried up some purple onion rings, as I still had batter left and Jordan loves fried onion rings. He was suprised, and I was happy because I love suprising him with things. 🙂 Then the next day (as I still had oil) I made Chimichangas, as I had tortilla dough to use up, as well as some Elk meat that I had pulled from the freezer that needed to be used. I didn’t make a traditional Chimichanga, and was highly complimented when, a few days later, Jordan had a restaurant Chimichanga and then afterwards commented that he liked mine better! I sauteed the meat with onions (and spices), and then after rolling out the tortilla, stuffed it with meat, brown rice, part of the relleno’s mixture (cheddar cheese with tomatoes, jalapenos, onion, salt and chili powder), and some refried beans.) I was very happy with how it turned out, and I served it with homemade refried beans (easier than I thought, thanks to Chloe!), Mexican Rice (which turned out crunchy…AGAIN! Augh!) and some Deep fried Puffy Mexican dessert Thingies with Honey and Cinnamon…the name escapes me just now. I am just disappointed that we had to rush through the meal as it would have been very nice to just sit down and enjoy the fruits of my labor. We just ate the last Chimi’s last night with the last of the refried beans, but I still have a bit of rice to go. Last night, I took and added more water as I heated the rice on the stove…and you’ll never believe what happened. :p It went from crunchy…to NORMAL! :p Guess who’ll be adding more water to her rice next time. :p

So that was all last week. Our girls group didn’t get together last week as our schedules all clashed…(or rather, our husband’s schedules all clashed. :p Who wants to get together with other people when our husbands are home? 😀 Speaking as a newly married, of course. :P) This week is being skipped to, as we are all on the busy side, especially with the meetings in Prescott this weekend, which when trying to cram everything in makes for a very hectic week. I think we are going to try to get together sometime at the beginning of the next week to do more sewing. I have made so much progress on my project that I am just tickled. Now I just have to get my hair brushed and the dishes done so that I feel good about sitting down and working on it. :p I am very tickled about Monday…I got the whole house cleaned before Jordan got home, and he was very pleased. I even got the floor mopped, which generally it is a blessing and miracle just to have the floor vacuumed!

Jordan and Lydia were playing Airplane last saturday, and I had to get a few pictures. It was really cute!


Jordan remarked about not needing to work out because of Lydia. :p I love to see Jordan playing with Lydia (especially when I have things that DESPERATELY need to get done. :p)

He’s such a good daddy, just like I knew he’d be. 🙂

Side note: Lydia has figured out where her thumb is. 😀 So last wednesday (the 18th), someone remarked that she was sucking her thumb. Sure enough, she was! 😀 Too cute! 😀 So today, she took a catnap on her playmat, and we noticed that she was sucking her thumb, so we snuck a few pictures.

We love you Lydia! 🙂

Okay, on to bigger things Dishes, then sewing while the princess sleeps. 😀 Until next time, hopefully next week where I can tell you about the weekend, and perhaps our sewing projects. We have a new addition to our group…Naomi King! Angela and I are quite tickled to have a new addition, as well as Chloe, Grace, Hadassah, or Lilliana, or whomever else has random projects to do.

Until Next time!