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Birthdays and Anniversaries

17 Mar

Thank you to all of you who wished “Happy Birthday” to Jordan (Feb 24th) and I (Mar 9th)  and “Happy Anniversary!” (Feb 20th) We really appreciate it. 🙂

Honeymoon Day 10, March 2, 2010

2 Mar

Tuesday, March 2nd

                The next morning we got up a little bit later than we probably should have. But it felt good to sleep. We carried our luggage through the secret passage way (it went under the street) and bypassing the bellhops, we loaded up the car for the last time. Then we went and checked out, and we were on our way! We listened to things, such as Jim Sammons (Christian Finance advisor), and talked about various things, and just looked out the windows.

                As we neared the edge of Texas, Jordan asked me if I wanted to see the border of Mexico. I said sure! I had never been anywhere close to the border of another country, so it was a novel idea! The sun was setting, and it was getting dusky, so it was perfect timing. We drove right by the fence, but it was really a rough area, so we didn’t stick around long! We were so close that I probably could have reached out and touched the fence!

                Then we decided that our adventure taking was making us hungry, so we found a Chili’s restaurant and ate there. It was dark by the time we got back on the road, but we still wanted to push our way on. We got more and more tired, and Jordan started getting goofy. He was turning on music to try to help him stay awake (I gave up trying to sleep), and finally drank everything carbonated that we had (which wasn’t much.) Finally, we were just left with the Sparkling Grape Juice that we had gotten for our special dinner, and I was concerned with him having it because it looked like a wine bottle. He asked for it anyways, and between him drinking it straight from the bottle, and him driving kinda silly because he was being goofy because he was tired, I was convinced that we were going to get pulled over for drunk driving and Jordan would fail a breathalyzer test because he had been drinking a fruit drink! Fortunately, we didn’t, and now I can look back and laugh, but at the time I was doing all that I could to trust Jordan’s judgment and not panic!

                I ended up convincing Jordan to let me drive for a bit while he rested. It was a straight shot, so I figured as long as I stopped before the signs said “Goodbye Tucson”, then we wouldn’t miss our exit. Jordan climbed in the passenger side, got comfy with his pillow and promptly fell asleep! I turned on a little bit of quite music ( that rarely puts me to sleep), and drove. I started getting sleepy (as I had gotten no rest at all at that point), so I started singing the fast beat church songs that came to mind. I ended up singing all the verses of “My sins are gone” that I could think of, and then just ended up singing the chorus over and over. Finally after about 45 minutes, Tucson signs were coming into view, so I pulled over and woke Jordan up, and he took the wheel over again. As he had had the rest, he was quite alert, and I felt good about letting him drive.

                At that point, it was past midnight, and we were pulling off the interstate. We figured that we probably would end up staying the night at the guest house, but as we pulled up, Mom and Dad Peterson were walking to our place. They had set up our place so that we could sleep in our place that night. It was really special to us, and never had bed felt so good before! Thus so ended our trip from Florida to Arizona! Happy Honeymoon reading. 🙂

Honeymoon Day 9, March 1, 2010

1 Mar

Monday, March 1st

When we got up the next morning, I was delighted to see the river walk right out of our window. So, needless to say, when we got dressed, we decided to go walking around, only it was windy and cold! Typical for winter though. We ended up being hungry because we got up so late, so we ended up finding a little BBQ place called Bill Millers BBQ, and we had lunch there. It was a cute little place, with neat décor, but…I’ll have to admit, being from the south (And from a well read up on cuisine mother), I thought their logo left a little to be desired. Good food, okay logo. (In case y’all aren’t familiar with it, in a BBQ logo, the more that the pig (or animal) is doing, ie dressed up, bbq-ing, flames in the background, etc, the better the BBQ!) They just had the name with some animals around the name. But regardless…it was fairly good.

                The only thing was, was that Jordan wasn’t feeling well, so we ended up going back to the hotel so that we could lay down for a bit (And warm up). The positive thing was, that by this time, Jordan had found a way to get into and out of the hotel without having to pass by the bellhops! I was very tickled about that, as I dreaded going by them, just knowing that they were staring through me, mentally saying “there go those cheap people. I want a tip!” *shudder*

                So after Jordan was feeling a bit better, we got into the vehicle (once again, bypassing the bellhops) and rode around San Antonio to see what we could do. We looked for the Alamo, and kept driving by it, not realizing that we were. Finally, after driving around for a bit, and not being able to decide on what to do, we decided to go to the Alamo. I never realized how small it was! Especially after having been exposed to the St Augustine Fort in Florida.

After going in there, I saw Louis Toussade’s Wax Museum, and we decided to  go there. The only bad thing was about 3/4ths of the way through, I ran out of battery with the camera, so we walked back through, and the ticket attendant said that we could go buy batteries downstairs and them come back in. It was really neat and interesting. Of course, I recognized a lot of the movie stars (some mostly by name), and Jordan recognized a lot of the historical figures. Though I will admit…if it weren’t for the costumes and for the name plates in front, I don’t know that I would have identified that many. Honestly, those wax figures weren’t very…um..lifelike, and I definitely wouldn’t have mistaken one for a real person! I guess that’s why it is a wax museum, not a “lifelike-imitation-of-people-done-in-wax museum”. Too long for the sign too, so cheaper to just go with “wax museum” and then people don’t expect too much. I guess Louis Toussade Didn’t like Madame Toussade, so he made cheap imitations of what she does well, so that when people went to England, they’d bypass her place because they went to his place in America and were dissatisfied with the quality. It’s a classic case of Lover’s Revenge.

                So our tickets were good for another place as well, so we decided to go into Ripley’s Believe It or Not (Always was curious about those places, but never really went in to one). Talk about bizarre! It’s hard to believe whether what was in there was real or not…and I’m also curious as to whether each one is the same, or each one has different (and equally bizarre) items. Things like a 2 headed calf, an elephant with 2 trunks, a man with 3 legs, the car that Lee Harvey Oswald rode in when going to where JFK was, etc. Just weird. My favorite though was the picture of the tongue folding, and then seeing if you could fold your own tongue. (Apparently only like 1 in several hundred thousand of people can do it.) So they have these pictures of people who can fold their tongue hung around a mirror where you can try to see if you can fold your own tongue. Then, after you get bored with that, you can walk around the corner to see what’s next, only to find out that the mirror in which you were practicing your tongue folding was actually a 2 way glass, and you can watch people come up and try to fold their tongue! :p They also had a movie playing of people that they had captured trying to fold their tongue (without them knowing they were being videoed!) We did get photos…but eventually I decided to stop taking them!

                After that we decided to see this great river walk that has made San Antonio famous, and started walking around. DId you know that they have a “Ben and Jerry’s” Ice cream parlor there? too cool! It was neat walking by all the restaurants and seeing how they were set up, and which ones had the prime spots, and seeing the heaters that they had set out. Being from Florida (where it hardly ever gets THAT cold) I can’t say that I had ever seen anything like it. We ended up walking around, and then up on the main level, where we decided to stop at a Subway (which is one of our favorite places to eat.) The staff there (wearing the labels “Artist”) was quite humorous, and we enjoyed watching them interacting with the customers.

                After eating, we decided to start heading back to the hotel as it was starting to get dark, and we didn’t want to get stuck out doors at dark trying to find our way back. The temperature was dropping, and it was windy on the river walk, so we were walking back as quickly as possible. The only bad thing was that we were on the wrong side of the river walk, and when we reached our hotel, it had no cross over to where we could get to the other side, and no stairs to get up top either. (I considered climbing the wall, as the water would have been too cold to swim across, and it didn’t look that clean either!). We had to walk a bit further to get up top and to the hotel. By that time, I quite chilled!

                We decided to take our $5 voucher for the restaurant downstairs, and get a dessert. I think we got a chocolate cake (if I remember correctly.) It was quite good! But we had talked about it, and didn’t want to stick around San Antonio the next day. We were tired of hotels, and just wanted to get home!