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23 Oct

The bulk harvest of my cantaloupe, recipe due to an unexpected frost and vine kill. By far the best cantaloupe I have ever had!

2012-10-23 09.19.34

Amos and Abby’s wedding.

20 Oct

I managed to make it late to the wedding of Amos Garcia and Abigail Guerra, clinic but I still made it before the kiss! lol. The back drop was beautiful…


…But I think that the bride was even more beautiful!


The Bridesmaids.


The Groomsmen.


Saying their vows.


The kiss!




Some of the little girls who are related to Amos.


The guests mingling.


Nathan Hyde, cousin of the groom.


Their picture board.


The guest book.


Snacking on chips and salsa while waiting to be let in to the reception area.


The Pepsi bottles noted here are glass bottles, and the Pepsi was made in Mexico, and they used sugar instead of corn syrup.


The dessert bar.


More of the dessert bar.


The cake.


All Miniature desserts..


…made by family and friends.


And a dear friend holding Lydia…Angela Baggett!


It was a beautiful wedding, and we had a good time! May God Bless the marriage of Amos and Abby!


The Butchering (it is what it says, with pictures to accompany)

16 Oct

Meema and Papa (Jordan’s Mom and Dad) got Lydia a swing, and Lydia loves to ride in it. Usually she has an aunt or uncle who is willing to forsake their work and give her a ride!

2012-10-16 08.33.19

Meanwhile, Jordan set me to work (okay…I volunteered LOL) washing off the meat, so I took the ribcage outside and started hosing it off.


Then I decided I needed my picture taken with it.


I also then decided I needed a picture taken with me reaching inside of the ribcage, so that I could gross my Mom out. (haha…sorry Mom.)


Squinting at the light mist coming off of the hose.


Inside where we were staying, we hung up the meat to dry, and we tried to keep the house as cool as possible. Back in the bedroom where we were staying, the house smelled normal, but as you left that part and headed into the living room, kitchen area and out the front door, it had the sweetish smell of raw meat.


We spent several days working on this elk, partly due to the availability of the wise Master Butchers. I was all for chunking it up, wrapping it up, freezing it, and let’s get this over and done with as fast as possible!

Lilliana, Mom P, and Dad P were very instrumental in helping us get the elk butchered. I think Chloe and Grace stepped in for a bit, but the majority was Lilliana, Mom P. and Dad P. Needless to say, I was right in there too, but I think I was just a third wheel.  Lilliana is operating the vacuum sealing machine.


Dad is cutting ribs with the electric saw (as per my request, as I wanted ribs.)


I was concerned that he might cut himself, but all went well, and I went home with quite a bit of meat, thanks to Jordan’s family!

Hunting Camp – Day 4

14 Oct

The last day of Hunting camp (for those of us who had gotten our elk). Sunday is the day of the community breakfast, so Angela and I started preparing our dishes for the “potluck”.


Her fruit salad.


My Bacon (yes, that is a whole pound in the pan. She taught us that you can dump the whole pound in, and if you turn it evenly, it will cook evenly and faster. It will be curly though.)


Just a random glimpse of the coolers that we had brought with to hunting camp. Part was food for us, part was food for the potluck style dinners, and part was room for elk meat!


After breakfast and “camp church”, we started breaking things down and packing things up so that we could make the long trek home.


Jordan and Jeremy ended up moving our tent out into the sun so that any leftover moisture would dry out and we wouldn’t have mold or mildew issues later on.


Here is a lot of our stuff in containers and such, ready to go, but note the jeep in the background. Our neighbor took his girl and some of his nieces mudding. I would have to say, I think that they were very successful!


This is the last of the kitchen stuff to be loaded up. It was a little sad to load up, but I needed a shower to wash my hair, and to do laundry. Needless to say, everything reeked of smoke afterwards, and all of the sleeping bags spent a few nights on the laundry line, just to air out.


After loading everything up (and everything fit, just barely), we got in the car and headed the long drive to TUCSON…to where we begin the next step of the great Elk Hunting Experience…



oh dear! 😮

Cassia Fraijo Bridal Shower

22 Sep

Lydia, Hadassah Peterson and I went to Phoenix for Cassia’s bridal shower. (She is my Sister in law’s sister.) It was very beautiful, and so I handed the camera to Hadassah to capture. (She’s much better at taking pictures than I am. 😀 )

The setting was outdoors. What beautiful furniture to have out on the lawn! I was impressed.


The Drinks Station. Well done.


The cake. Don’t be fooled. That cake was massive! And Delicious!


The Food Buffet. The flowers on the stems were all handmade.


A Mommy and Lydia shot. We don’t get to do that often!


Playing a younger ladies vs. older ladies Pictionary game. I forget who won.


Candace making friends with Lydia.


Lydia Playing with Candace’s camera. (No wonder she liked Candace so much!)


The Beautiful Bride-to-Be! Cassia Fraijo (Clayville)


Lydia Capturing the event.


It was a beautiful shower, which concluded with a live shower, as the sprinklers in the yard came on, and it was a mad scramble to remove all of the furniture out of the reach of the sprinklers. Shortly after, Hadassah and I headed home, tired, but thoroughly glad that we went.

Shucking Corn

20 Sep

I bought some corn at the store, and Jordan decided to teach Lydia how to shuck it.


She got the hang of it pretty quick.


Notice the determined look on her face.


“Here…take this.”


“This is a lot harder than I thought”.


I decided to capture a little video of her shucking the corn.


Definitely a Daddy’s girl!

Yard work and Cinnamon rolls

25 Aug

Jordan decided to tackle the part of the yard that I couldn’t quite get to, right in front of the garden. Due to his allergies, he wore a face mask to help keep him from getting overwhelmed.



It was so nice to hear the weed wacker just chop down the weeds under its ruthless power. Buwahahhaa…




So, knowing he was hard at work, I decided to try to make him a nice hearty breakfast (usually it turns into a brunch) so that it would be satisfying when he came in. I decided to make Cinnamon rolls from the Copy Cat cookbook “top secret Recipes” for the Cinnabon Cinnamon rolls. The dough.


Here are some mangoes that were chopped up.


Some Nectarines (you gotta have your varieties in fruit).


I love doing this! The brown sugar for the cinnamon rolls. (I love how the sugar keeps the shape of the container it came out from.)


Haha! And even the measurement indentation. Just in case I forgot, right?


The filling mixture .


As I had made a double batch, I decided to try to sweeten the filling on one of the batches with honey, instead of sugar. This one was the normal one, with butter, brown sugar and cinnamon.


This one was honey and butter mixed together. It spread fairly good, but was kind of soupy.


Jordan and Lydia shelling garlic.


Lydia is such a good helper!


Okay, here are some preliminary results. These are ready for baking. These are the ones done with honey.


The two on the far left are ones done with sugar. Big difference in looks.


Here are the ones done with sugar, fully baked.


Here are the ones done with honey, fully baked. Note the HUGE difference in looks!


Covered with the sweet topping, there isn’t much difference in looks any more, but there was a bit of a flavor difference. Overall, my personal preference is the one made with sugar! Naturally, Jordan liked the ones done with honey.


We had quite a few leftover, so I think I shall be freezing them for a later time. Enjoy!

Company – of various sorts

18 Aug

We finally had company down to visit. Jordan’s family came to visit us and to stay the night. They also brought the chicken pen (as we are planning on getting some chickens). Well, some of the kids went to see the river, and brought back some company: our neighbors dogs.


I was a little surprised to see the size.


They can check out the property and such now, cuz when they chickens come, I don’t want them exploring any more!

Needless to say, I tried to fix a nice breakfast for them the next morning. Fruit salad, made of Strawberries, nectarines, pineapple and mango.


Here is a better look at the serving tray, with a tray of just mangoes on the top.


The Pineapple top, with oranges.


Apples and oranges.


And a family favorite: Hashbrown quiche.


After a big breakfast, everyone helped clean up, and then they left. It was sad, as it had taken almost a year to get them to visit, but as they had company themselves, they had some places they wanted to show the company. Maybe they will come to visit again soon.

Garden pt 6, breakfast, puppies and frogs!

28 Jul

I love Saturday morning inspirations! Jordan and Austin are putting up my gate!

Trying to figure out how to make it work.

Lydia took her chair out there to watch them, but then she ended up back in the house. They ended up moving the gate from the North end of the garden to the South end of the garden, as that is where the path had been to the garden.

Putting up the fence, and making sure it was placed in the trench dug for it, to keep the wild animals from digging under and getting into the garden.

When the guys work so hard like that, I like to give them a good breakfast/brunch. I made omelet type eggs, on a Lavash bread from Trader Joes. Almost like a breakfast burrito. I had veggies to go in it, and I whipped up cream to go with the fruit that I had cut up, and lots and lots of bacon (Jordan’s favorite!)

Here is Lydia getting a kick out of playing with the little puppy that Grandpa Phillips bought for her back in May while we were in Florida. She loves that thing!

The last shot of the day…it had rained, and we found two toads sitting on our porch, staring into the house as though they were silently willing us to let them into the house.

Sorry boys, Nothin’ doing!

Lydia, Talking with Daddy on the phone, and other misc

27 Jul

Lydia is learning to drink from a glass. Sometimes it is a little scary!

She is being goofy in this picture.

A beautiful smile.

And another beautiful smile.

Her talking as she is coming down the stairs.


Lydia’s new ball.

Very delicious cheese that Jordan’s family picked up for me back in Pennsylvania from a Mennonite family farm.

Lydia talking on the phone with Daddy, parts 1, 2 & 3.


A beautiful rainbow towards the east!

Trying to get the color right for the sunset.

Ahh…a better picture.

And since I was playing around with exposure, I thought I’d get the light from the toaster oven as I’m heating up food. 😀

You gotta have fun in life sometimes!