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Roosters for Sale

24 Jan

Or give away. Buff Orpingtons. Roosters only.

2013-01-24 15.48.29

2013-01-24 15.48.41

I have too many.

Moon and Stars

20 Nov

These are two watermelons that we pulled out of our garden, recipe due to a freeze.

2012-11-20 12.16.52

This is not your traditional, no rx store bought watermelon, but an heirloom variety called “Moon and Stars” due to the lack of stripes, and the small yellow dots all over, with generally one large yellow one somewhere on the melon.

There is nothing like home grown!

Lydia and the chickens

29 Oct

Lydia and the chickens have gotten really big. If you remember in this post we had just gotten them as chicks. They are almost ready to put outside.

2012-10-29 09.11.38

2012-10-29 09.11.41

2012-10-29 09.11.44

I can’t wait for eggs! 😀


Updates on the “Farm” and Garden

24 Sep

Look at our new addition: Chicks! Someday we are gonna have our own eggs!

2012-09-24 17.12.00

And fruit from the garden.


Lydia examining the cantaloupe.


Lydia tasting the cantaloupe.


Lydia confirming the goodness of the cantaloupe.


By far, capsule it was the best cantaloupe that we have ever had!