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Diamond Frost

1 Jan

What a beautiful way to start the New Year. You can’t see it really well, but the frost on the ground sparkled like a million diamonds.

2013-01-01 08.28.16

This may be a bit of a better shot, but it still does not capture the beauty of the morning.

2013-01-01 08.28.57

I love frosty mornings (as long as I am inside and safe and warm! lol 😀 )


31 Dec

It’s not much, but it’s on the ground, and I can see it!

2012-12-31 07.27.31

Stoke the fire, and heat the kettle! It’s a cold one!


17 Dec

Would you look at what my hose spit up today?

2012-12-17 09.24.50

Me thinks it was just a WEE bit chilly last night! BRRR!!!

Snow on the mountains

14 Dec

Down where we live, we do get snow in the winter. I was driving to town, and managed to capture SOME of the beauty of the clouds as they slowly started hovering in to cast forth their wares.

2012-12-14 11.10.18

This was driving past A.A. Allen’s old camp grounds.

2012-12-14 11.10.50

Driving from the Valley into the mountains.

2012-12-14 11.13.55

Snow, and clouds.

2012-12-14 11.15.27

More snow.

2012-12-14 11.15.53

I love the snow on the mountains.

2012-12-14 11.16.04

Maybe it seems silly to those who live in the areas that get large amounts of snow, but having previously lived in Florida (no snow) and living in Arizona (desert), I find snow (and rain) to be beautiful.

It’s okay. I’m enjoying it. 😛


12 Sep

I always like to see the wildlife around our place, prostate especially little families, click like the quail.

2012-09-12 07.59.47


5 Sep

Early in the morning, I had seen Jordan off to work, and heard a loud noise that sounded like wind in the trees by the river, but there was no movement in the trees. Upon realizing this, I decided to take a walk down to the river with Lydia and see what was going on.

This is what I saw.

2012-09-05 08.36.03

Our normally creek sized river had overflown it’s banks by quite a few feet. Later that day I noticed the US Geological Survey Team for Flooding was out observing the river.

2012-09-05 08.37.25

When people ask if water ever flows in the river, I can assuredly say “YES!”

Lydia, Talking with Daddy on the phone, and other misc

27 Jul

Lydia is learning to drink from a glass. Sometimes it is a little scary!

She is being goofy in this picture.

A beautiful smile.

And another beautiful smile.

Her talking as she is coming down the stairs.


Lydia’s new ball.

Very delicious cheese that Jordan’s family picked up for me back in Pennsylvania from a Mennonite family farm.

Lydia talking on the phone with Daddy, parts 1, 2 & 3.


A beautiful rainbow towards the east!

Trying to get the color right for the sunset.

Ahh…a better picture.

And since I was playing around with exposure, I thought I’d get the light from the toaster oven as I’m heating up food. 😀

You gotta have fun in life sometimes!

Sky shot

23 Jul

I just thought this was a really pretty shot of the sky through the clouds, treatment happening at sunset.