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Up-cycling Pallets

25 Jan

I decided to build myself a garden shelf using existing materials: old Pallets.

2013-01-25 10.29.10

First you have to cut off one side of the pallet (making sure that you leave 2 supports).

2013-01-25 11.31.30

Then you take the slats that you cut off the one side, and get those ready.

2013-01-25 11.31.45

Here are both sides of the shelf.

2013-01-25 12.26.52

Starting to assemble.

2013-01-25 15.43.37

Many bent nails and pounded fingers later, behold, The finished item. (pretty much.)

2013-01-25 17.10.17

The shelf was too heavy for me to carry into the garage by myself, so I left it where I finished it. I waited for Jordan and Austin to come home to help me carry it in. Jordan arrived separately from Austin, and admired my shelf. Austin arrived later, and when I asked him and Jordan to carry it in, he informed me that he had seen the shelf when coming in, he saw the shelf, thought it was kinda rustic, but was meant to be broken up for firewood. Thankfully, he didn’t decide to do it right then and there! Needless to say, I told him that if he had broken it up, I would have cried! (Remember the pounded fingers?)

It is now happily (and safely) situated in the garage!


13 Aug

Usually, I don’t manage to capture my projects that I like doing on camera…at least the before pictures, as I start my project, then realize that perhaps pictures would be nice. It almost happened here. So, Jordan invested in a weed wacker. I am quite thrilled. We discovered that he has a hard time operating the weedwacker due to allergies (and being at work), so I donned his old work boots, a long skirt, a wet, long sleeve heavy shirt (it is cooler that way, believe me), a hat and sunglasses, and tromped outside to do my lady of the house duties. πŸ˜€

Due to the summer rains (and no weedwacker) this is what the front yard near the house looked like.


A closer look at how thick and tall the weeds are.


This is what it looked like afterwards.


Quite the difference, huh? Man, it sure felt good.


This is around one of the trees on the West side of the house. Those weeds are about waist high, at least.


Afterwards. My, how satisfying it felt! Weedwacking has such a nice sound to it too. Hearing the motor, and the sound of the twine ripping up the overbearing weeds. Ah…makes me want to go at it again!


Getting into the back yard. Mostly grasses.






The North side of the house. Still back yard. Look at how green those weeds are!


The most annoying part of all, how grown up those weeds are around the trees and the clothes line, which is very economical in the summer!


Gone! Gone! Gone!


Weeds in the garden bed on the North side of the house.Β  I hate walking on the path when the weeds are so overgrown.


YES! Vanquished!


TheΒ  northeast part of the house. I didn’t like looking out of my bedroom window because things were so overgrown! The weeds are a little wilty looking because of a lack of rain.


Yay…I can see the ground again!


It looked so nice! And yes…I have an electric weedwacker. lol…I felt almost like it was a little sissified because it didn’t have horrid smelling exhaust coming out the back end like the gas ones do, but I was satisfied with the job it was doing!


To the east side of the house, at the garden.


(oh yeah, my wild pet lizard friend.)


Back by the garden/kitchen door. Note my lizard friend.


To the southeast.



This was as far as I got for now. I felt so good. It looked so nice. And I only spent about 2 hours doing it too. Ahhh…

A tea party with Lydia

31 Jul

I decided that, look as I love tea parties, ask and I have a plastic set (from years and years ago), sovaldi sale that I should have a tea party with Lydia.

Yes, I did put the towel down for a reason. Tea parties with toddlers can be messy!

Trying to figure out how the whole thing works.

A very wet Lydia, having fun playing with the water, and pouring “tea” for me and her.

All in all, it was fun, but I think that next time…we may have tea in the bathtub!

Lydia cleans

15 May

Lydia is shown here helping me mop the floor.

I love it when she helps me with little things like that. Sure, she’s not able to handle the adult sized tools, but she’s getting a joy out of doing something like this. May I always encourage her help with things around the house, and may she always grow up accustomed to helping me out. πŸ™‚

Beep Beep, Bagels, Soap, Hollowing out a pineapple, and a tropical dinner

16 Nov

I had some lovely guests stop by. I had a pair of road runners in my lawn…

(and on my car).

It was the first time that I remember seeing them in the wild, so I had to get a picture of them.

Of course, it was while I was in the kitchen making bagels that I saw the road runners.

Whole wheat and honey bagels, which I went through the traditional process of boiling them before I baked them.

I took a picture of the bagels through the oven door while they were baking.

A bit of kitchen inspiration: I was getting a bit annoyed with turning my soap container upside down in order to soap up my scrubber to do the dishes, so I went to Bed Bath & Beyond and got a replacement lotion dispenser pump (it was $2.99). I then scrubbed the label off of an empty Soy Sauce bottle (note the chinese symbols), and stuck the pump on top. As the neck is not big enough to screw the pump on to, but small enough for the pump to sit snugly inside, I figured it was good enough for me. It makes washing my hands and doing dishes so much easier! I’m wanting to do something like that for the bathroom now, as clear glass is really elegant.

I’m also including my own way of hollowing out a pineapple. I was making a tropical dish and wanted to use the pineapple for the serving dish.

I split a whole pineapple in half,and then cut down the center and as deep (yet angled) as I could down the sides.

Then I cut a 30-45 degree angle cut from the center cut towards the outside of the pineapple with a paring knife.

I then went and re-cut the outside cut to loosen the spear, and then lift the spear away.

With the bottom part, I cut as angled as I could from the top down and from the bottom up to loosen the bottom spear. (Each half yielded 4 spears.) If I had had a curved knife, I would have been able to make the cuts cleaner, but as I didn’t, there was still large pieces of pineapple in the bowl. I used a melon baller to scrape out the remainder and set it aside.

Finished product:

Sesame pork & Pineapple, served with Yellow Rice in Pineapple halves.

Included with the meal were some tropical drinks that I served up. (The boys were all very impressed).

The orange layer was a blend of strawberry, mango, papaya and pineapple with gingerale, the pink was strawberry (sweetened with honey), the yellow was the remainder of the pineapple I had hollowed earlier, and the green was blended kiwi. Each glass was topped with a slice of kiwi and a chunk of pineapple.

Behold the table.

It was VERY good. πŸ™‚

Baby Quilt

22 Aug

Here is a baby quilt that I just finished. It was for my dear friend Ruth Spencer’s first nephew. I figured the sailboats would be appropriate, as they live the island of Trinidad.

Finished Quilt and the AFHE Homeschool Convention

22 Jul

One more project to cross off the long term project list. πŸ™‚

Hand stitched butterflies…

As well as pre-embroidered butterflies…

With Matching pillows and shams. πŸ™‚

In other news…

The AFHE (Arizona Families for Home Education) convention happened this weekend. It was huge. They had Ken Ham this year as the keynote speaker for the first morning session, and he was quite good. He is the director for the only Creation Museum in the world, located in Ohio. He had some good things to say. I had some of the sessions lined up, but…some of the speakers were better than I pictured, and others I was disenchanted with. Angela Baggett was able to come for the first day before flying out to Canada that evening, so she and I ended up picking all of the same sessions, but ended up walking the curriculum hall near the end. She thoroughly enjoyed herself, and as a Canadian Educator, she was unaware of all of the curriculums available to homeschoolers. She did say that she was unhappy with the American school system, and any future kids would be homeschooled. She will be very good at it.

Attendance was up from last year, so…guessing somewhere between 4,000-5,000 people. We hung out with the Couba’s, Semrocks, Wallaces, Martins, Roberts, and a few other people the first night. We went to “My Big Fat Greek Restaurant“, and got the flaming cheese. As Lydia was hungry, I had to excuse myself into the restroom to try to nurse her, so I missed the flaming cheese at our table, but apparently we set a trend that night as there were quite a few other “flare ups”, so I felt satisfied to have gotten my show.

The next day, Jordan and I spent a bit of time together in some of the sessions (trading off caring for Lydia), and ended up in the Curriculum hall together. We got the 1828 edition of Noah Webster’s dictionary from Vision Forum. Jordan has wanted that for a while, so I felt satisfied walking away with that. It is amazing the difference between the dictionary of today, and Noah Webster’s definitions. As a Christian, it would make a wonderful study guide, and as a Christian parent (and homeschooler), consider it as a teaching tool. It has scripture references, and meanings that the world has long since has tried to ignore in order to do what they have wanted to do. If the dictionary condemns you, then change the dictionary. *sigh* What a degradation of our society.

That night after the convention ended, we went with the Wallaces and three ladies from Canada (all the way from Canada to Arizona just for the convention!) to a place called Thai Elephant. It was quite good, but I filled up on my dish rather fast. Jordan and I ended up with all of the leftovers. :-p good times!